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Catacchio Auto Detail provides professional detailing and customization for all your vehicles. Established in 1983, we have 40 years of experience detailing everything from sports cars and motorcycles to semi-trucks and boats — and everything in between! Whether you just need a quick detailing or a full service makeover we’re here to help. Every vehicle we touch is meticulously reviewed by the owner Vic Catacchio who has detailed thousands of cars to his precise standards.

The Best Choice For Detailing

Complete Detail

We'll make your vehicle shine inside and out!

Basic Interior

Great for a monthly reset!

Complete Interior

A deep clean for your vehicle's interior!

Basic Exterior

Great to remove salt and dirt!

Complete Exterior

A deep clean for your vehicle's exterior!


Flexible services available to make your bike sparkle!

Work Vans / Trucks

We'll make your work vehicle beautifully clean!

Chrome Restoration

We'll make your vehicle shine inside and out!

Paintless Dent Removal

Removes dents without affecting the finish!

Catacchio Auto Detail

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